Rayo XS

This work is composed of two, pierced weathered steel circles, which cut-outs allow the environment to filter through  A totemic-like figure, the sculpture stands between heaven and earth, establishing a beacon in space.

The sun, source of life and symbol of power, evokes archaic rites and questions the place of primitivism in contemporary art.  la place du primitivisme dans l’art contemporain. 



  • Material

    steel Corten /Stainless steel

  • Dimensions

    variables : 50 cm -100cm

  • Year


prouchet dalla costa

RAYO - acier corten-100x100x10cm -2018 -collections particulières

prouchet dalla costa

RAYO-steel corten -90x90x10cm -2018 -Private collection

prouchet dalla costa

RAYO-steel corten -90x90x10cm -2018 -Private collection

Emilie Prouchet-Dalla Costa - acier corten -

RAYO- Stainless -75x75x10cm -2018 -Private collection

Emilie Prouchet Dalla Costa rayo

RAYO-Stainless. steel -76x76x10cm -2018 -Private collection